Mary MacKillop Care Aged Care and Disability Care Adelaide

Welcome to Mary MacKillop Care

Mary MacKillop Care is a not-for-profit organisation offering aged care, community care and disability services. All Mary MacKillop Care sites are owned by the Sisters of St Joseph, an Order which has been assisting the elderly, frail, marginalised and disabled within the South Australian Community since 1866. During 2009 the Sisters in Australia and New Zealand conducted a strategic planning process to identify the most effective way for them to move forward into the future.

Many of the Provinces had been managing schools, hospitals, community services and care facilities, but were finding that these roles were increasingly having to be passed on to experienced ‘lay’ people who could manage and operate their businesses while still retaining the philosophy, values and mission of the Sisters of St Joseph.

Mary MacKillop Care SA is managed by the Chief Executive and is responsible to The Board of Directors who is in turn accountable to The SA Regional Leadership Team.

Our goal is to ensure that all facilities continue to operate in the spirit of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and the founding sisters, by offering high quality care and accommodation for the aged and making sure that all are treated with care, dignity and respect.

We also help people in need, the sick, the marginalised and those needing emotional, physical and/or psychological support, in an endeavour to increase independence and quality of life. Mary MacKillop Care SA’s Management Team is responsible for continuous improvement and provision of mentoring and education of staff across the organisation to ensure that all care is provided in a way that is consistent with best practice care while also reflecting the values and mission of Mary MacKillop Care SA.

Mission Statement

In the spirit of St Mary MacKillop, Julian Tenison Woods and the traditions of the Sisters of St Joseph the Vision, Mission and Values of Mary MacKillop Care SA shape our decisions and guide our actions

Our Vision:

We strive to be a model of best practice and a continuing source of care for people who are aged, dying or those living with a disability.

Our Mission:

To share in the Mission of Jesus, revealing God’s loving kindness, honouring human dignity, offering holistic care to those people for whom we provide a service, with a focus on the most needy in our community.

Our Values:

RESPECT: To recognise the God-given dignity and value of each person.

COMPASSION: To be present in companionship and love, in supporting life and healing, and in doing all we can to alleviate suffering.

JUSTICE: To be inclusive and fair in all our relationships and advocate for systems and structures that are attuned to the needs of people who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.

INTEGRITY: To ensure all our actions and decisions are grounded in our values, reflecting both honesty and authenticity.

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