Mary MacKillop Care Aged Care and Disability Care Adelaide

Fees and Charges

At Mary MacKillop Care fees do apply to residential care services and although the Australian Government provides some support, you may need to contribute. The amount will be based on your financial situation and care needs.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to offer you the support and assistance you need.

Asset Assessment

When being assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team, they will provide you with forms for assets testing. The person being assessed needs to complete the forms and then submit them to Centrelink and/or the Department of Veterans Affairs (whichever is applicable). The applicant’s forms will be assessed and they will then be provided with a Statement of Residential Care Assets Assessment.

The fees payable and other financial requirements depend on the individual circumstances of the resident.

Daily Care Fee

A daily care fee is payable by all residents and contributes towards meals, laundry, cleaning, heating/cooling etc.

Income Tested Fee

The income tested fee may be payable by permanent residents towards their care. The Commonwealth together with Centrelink and or The Department of Veterans Affairs calculate this fee. The fee is based on the value of the residents net assets, residents with higher net worth can expect to pay more towards their care.

This fee is a daily fee payable from the day of admission. The Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing review the fee quarterly. If the fee is payable both the resident and Mary MacKillop Care SA will be notified in writing by the Department of Social Services.

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