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Ain Karim Community

Ain Karim Community is committed to supporting adults with an intellectual disability to live happy and fulfilled lives. Ain Karim Community endeavours to do this in a welcoming and supportive community where people can live together in mutual respect and understanding.

The name “Ain Karim” comes from an ancient village of the same name in Israel located a few kilometres from the City of Jerusalem and has become a place of pilgrimage for Christians visiting the Holy Land.

In 1982 Sisters of St Joseph Gen Secker and Mary Reardon visited the village and were filled with the vision of peace and serenity and of hospitality offered and received.  Sister Gen decided that when she started a Community it would be called “Ain Karim” which means “Source of Generosity”.

Ain Karim Community first opened its doors in 1984 and through vision, commitment and partnerships has become a reality, together with support and dedication from residents, families, friends and staff, and the Sisters of St Joseph.

In July 2012 Ain Karim Community, which is located at Enfield across two sites, moved under the umbrella of Mary MacKillop Care SA, joining St Catherine’s at Berri, Flora McDonald at Cowandilla and Tappeiner Court at Kensington.


Ain Karim Community offers community housing and long term residential care for adults with an intellectual disability. Twenty residents are accommodated across two sites, which are in close proximity to each other at Enfield.

The dedicated and professional staff at Ain Karim Community deliver a wide range of specialised services, catering to each resident’s individual care, lifestyle, spiritual, medical and care requirements.

Passive overnight care by staff at each site offers residents and their families a sense of security and wellbeing.

Ain Karim Community continues to care for each resident for as long as possible, however when specialised
support is required, alternative placements are considered in consultation with Disability SA, family and
Mary MacKillop Care SA.


Ain Karim Community’s comfortable environment has a range of shared facilities for residents to enjoy including common lounge and dining areas, outdoor courtyards and a barbeque area suitable for small family gatherings.

Accommodation offered at both sites comprises single rooms with a shared bathroom. Residents may personalise their room with their own possessions to help provide a sense of ownership and belonging.

Family and friends are considered paramount to each resident’s wellbeing and are encouraged to continue to play a major role in their lives. Residents are also encouraged to spend time at home with their family wherever possible.

Open days are held regularly at Ain Karim to offer regular and ongoing opportunities for residents and families to come together in a social setting.

Mary MacKillop Care Aged Care and Disability Care Adelaide


Residents at Ain Karim are employed (paid or voluntary) or involved in a day activity program. The emphasis is on helping residents become as independent as possible and being able to take control of their daily living skills.

Attention is on the individual person, their interests and capabilities and how Ain Karim staff can assist the residents focus on the talents that they have.

The program is designed with a strong community emphasis, engaging residents in a diverse range of community activities e.g. bowling, cricket, swimming, dancing and participation in the local church community.

Many residents enjoy travelling which is arranged through Holiday Explorers, an innovative provider of holidays for people with intellectual disability and respite opportunities for their families.

Meals & Nutrition

Staff and residents work in consultation together to ensure the residents enjoy a variety of nutritionally balanced, delicious meals. Understanding that food is instrumental in achieving both good health and a high quality of life, menus are created that focus on great taste and variety.

Pastoral Care

When referring to pastoral care we mean the specific care and building up of the “whole” person in our care, by our offering of every available resource that will assist in the total care of each resident. All staff at Ain Karim support pastoral care by responding to and meeting the needs of residents in their care, in a manner which is based on Christian values of respect, care and concern.

Staff provide care and support to residents and their families when they are at that their most vulnerable with their quality of care being marked by their overall sensitivity and respect.

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